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    Auto login after successfully register


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    Auto login after successfully register

    Post  Admin on Tue Feb 17, 2009 7:12 pm

    Edit constants.php (add one constant):
    * Auto Login - this constant determines whether
    * or not to login a new user at the time of
    * registration.
    define("AUTO_LOGIN", true);

    Edit the register() function in session.php:
        * register - Gets called when the user has just submitted the
        * registration form. Determines if there were any errors with
        * the entry fields, if so, it records the errors and redirects
        * the user to the form. If none, it attempts to register
        * the new user.
      function register($subuser, $subpass, $subemail){
          global $database, $form, $mailer;  //The database, form and mailer object


      /* No errors, add the new account to the */
            if($database->addNewUser($subuser, md5($subpass), $subemail)){
                /*** This is new ************************/
                  /* Username and password correct, register session variables */
                  $this->userinfo  = $database->getUserInfo($subuser);
                  $this->username  = $_SESSION['username'] = $this->userinfo['username'];
                  $this->userid    = $_SESSION['userid']  = $this->generateRandID();
                  $this->userlevel = $this->userinfo['userlevel'];
                  /* Insert userid into database and update active users table */
                  $database->updateUserField($this->username, "userid", $this->userid);
                  $database->addActiveUser($this->username, $this->time);
                /*** End of new code ************************/
                return 0;  //New user added succesfully
                return 2;  //Registration attempt failed

    That's just the code from the login() function pasted into the register() function before returning 0.

    Edit register.php:
    * The user is already logged in, not allowed to register.
    if($session->logged_in && !isset($_SESSION['regsuccess'])){  /*** This is new **********/
      echo "<h1>Registered</h1>";
      echo "<p>We're sorry <b>$session->username</b>, but you've already registered. "
          ."<a href=\"main.php\">Main</a>.</p>";
    * The user has submitted the registration form and the
    * results have been processed.
    else if(isset($_SESSION['regsuccess'])){
      /* Registration was successful */
          echo "<h1>Registered!</h1>";
          echo "<p>Thank you <b>".$_SESSION['reguname']."</b>, your information has been added to the database, "
              ."you are now logged in. <a href=\"main.php\">Main</a>.</p>";  /*** This is new **************/

    That's it.

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    Return a 'we're sorry you've already registered

    Post  nichola on Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:48 am

    I've implemented this script and when I register it says 'We're sorry nichola (or whatever username) you've already registered. When I click on the main link (which goes to main.php) it goes to the logged in page. If I then logout and try to register as someone else and click 'register' I get the 'Success you've registered notice.

    Any ideas I was sure it was working last noght and this moring it isn't and I havent changed anything. I've tested it locally and on my live site.

    Many thanks in advance

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