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    Using LoginSystem in a different Folder


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    Using LoginSystem in a different Folder

    Post  mvprzy on Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:56 pm


    Relatively new to this. I was planning to install the script into a different folder off of the main folder.

    Also was going to modify main.php so as to include the "login table" into a login box on my main index page.

    I am thinking that I will have to:

    1. Add the whole path (ie:"../loginsystem/main.php") to any href's, anchor tags or other file references within the script.

    2. Add an if statement so that when "main.php" is called from within the script, it redirects to the index page instead. Is there some condition or variable that I can test for to use in the if statement?

    Also, if there are better ideas, let me know.



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